Ministry’s land distribution unlawful: Former PG

Planning Minister Asalm launching "gedhoruverin" portal.

Government’s plan to overcome overpopulation in capital Male’ “Binveriyaa” program cannot be utilized, says former Prosecutor General and experienced lawyer Ahmed Muiz.

Muiz said Planning Ministry has no authority to distribute land according to the constitution. That power only resides within elected councils, he added, citing land law.

In a tweet he said, according to the land law being practiced in Maldives, Planning Ministry has no authority to distribute land to anybody. According to land law of Maldives, the Planning Ministry only has the authority to create a regulatory in distribution of land. The authority to distribute land only is given to councils elected by the constituents.

However, two weeks back, Planning Ministry has released the list of all the people who have been awarded with land in Male’ City. Since then, several complaints have arose regarding the point system as some people has noted foreign nationals has received land, which is unlawful in nature.

Other people has highlighted, a large sum of recipients include people who already have land or multiple lands and who are large business owners, which negates the purpose of giving land. Government has issued a statement regarding foreign nationals receiving land, citing human error in the process.