Police start investigating RDC related case

Yasir had recently married Ali Manik’s sister

Moosa Ali Manik, Managing Director and Yasir Hassan, Chief Financial Officer of Road Development Corporation (RDC).

Maldives Police Service has told that they are investigating a case related to the Road Development Corporation (RDC).

When asked by a journalist at a police media group whether more than MVR 13 million had been stolen from an RDC bank account, police said it was investigating an “RDC-related case”

Local media have reported that the police are investigating the case of RDC Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Yasir Hassan’s after MVR 13 million had been deposited to his account.

It is learned that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Maldives Monetary Authority reported the case to the police. However, it is unclear whether the money was deposited directly into his account from the RDC account.

Managing Director of RDC, Moosa Ali Manik told local media that the police had not informed him that any case was being investigated against the company. The police have not questioned any employee in any case, he told.

Moosa is the MDP’s Madhuvarri constituency president. Yasir, who was also the procurement manager of HDC, is the MDP’s Hulhumalé constituency president.