Nasheed calls on Yameen not to contest election

Nasheed seen with senior leaders of other political parties at the Democrats establishment rally. | Photo: Mihaaru

Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohammed Nasheed has said that the best thing to do this time is for him not to contest the presidential election and former President Abdullah Yameen, who is the PPM/PNC candidate, to not contest the presidential election too.

After announcing his intention of joining the party at the establishment meeting of The Democrats, Nasheed said Yameen had done many services for Maldives and he did not wish Yameen to stay in jail. He said he would like to see both candidates not contest the presidential election.

Nasheed’s remarks came while PPM Vice President Ahmed Shiyam and other senior officials were present. Also present were MNP President Mohammed Nazim, MRM Vice President Nadira Hassan and JP Riyaz Rashid.

Nasheed invited all the parties to work together to defeat President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, in the election.

Nasheed said the people of Maldives are crying out that they do not like the government of President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih and therefore it is the responsibility of other opposition parties to provide more options for the people.

More than 55 percent of the people of Maldives are still undecided about the upcoming elections, he said, despite President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih repeatedly talking about a second term.

It shows that the people are not ready to give the President a second term, he said.

The Democrats are currently in formal talks with the PPM/PNC to work together in the upcoming presidential election. However, both parties have decided to contest separately in the first round.

The PPM/PNC has always said that Yameen is the presidential candidate of the two parties and that will not change.

However, Yameen has been sentenced to 11 years in jail for money laundering and bribery in connection with the MMPRC scandal. He will be able to contest the presidential election if the High Court overturns the ruling.

Earlier, Nasheed had held talks with the JP but to no avail. The JP is also contesting the election separately.