Presidents campaign travel done in rented vessel: MDP

High end vessel being used by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for his presidential campaign trips in the north. | Photo: Best Fishing Travels and Tours Maldives

The MDP presidential candidate, President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, is traveling in a high end speedboat rented at party expense, the campaign team said yesterday.

According to the campaign team, the President traveled in a rented vessel at party expense when he contested the presidential primary. The team said the presidential campaign will follow the same pattern.

According to public records, the vessel being used by the president, the vessel is owned by Maldivian businessman Mohamed Ali Janah under his company Best Fishing Travels and Tours Maldives Pvt Ltd.

The issue of misuse of state resources and campaigning during elections is always raised. This is a criticism that comes with every party in power.

The President and the MDP have been criticized for campaigning on state property during the parliamentary elections, the subsequent parliamentary by-elections and the MDP’s internal elections.

Even when the PPM was in government, the issue of campaigning at state expense was raised by the parties in the ruling coalition, including the MDP.