No-confidence motion passed against Elections Chairman Fuwad!

Member of Elections Commision, Fuaad Thaufeeq | photo: Edition

A no-confidence motion has been filed against the Election Commission (EC) Chairman Fuwad Thowfeek as the presidential election approaches.

The no-confidence motion was filed on Tuesday last week. With two months to go before the presidential election, Fuwad will not be removed from the post even if the commission passed a no-confidence motion against him.

Four members attended the meeting to take up the no-confidence motion against Fuwad. Vice chairman, Habeeb presided over the meeting. The remaining three members unanimously passed a no-confidence motion against Fuwad.

The no-confidence motion against Fuwad has been passed after some members of the commission expressed their dissatisfaction with him during the registration of The Democrats.

The members allege that Fuwad used influence to register The Democrats. However, Fuwad denies the accusations.

According to the law, a chairman of the commission is appointed from among the members of the commission. Only Parliament has the power to remove members from the commission.