Yameen rejects senate decision not to boycott election

Former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom | photo: Sun

Former President Abdullah Yameen has said he does not accept the decision of the joint senate of PPM and PNC not to boycott the upcoming presidential election.

The senate vote was taken after the Supreme Court ruled that the Election Commission was right to disqualify Yameen from contesting the presidential election.

Following the Supreme Court ruling, Yameen handed over a notice to the PPM/PNC leadership to boycott the presidential election if the senate believes that his rights have been violated.

Out of the 126 members who attended the meeting, 67 members voted against boycotting the presidential election. 46 MPs voted to boycott the election as requested by Yameen.

However, Yameen has sent a notice to his wife Fathimath Ibrahim saying he does not accept the senate’s decision. With the senate’s decision not accepted, the PPM/PNC coalition leadership is preparing to hold a meeting to discuss the matter further.