Dr. Muizzu voted PNC Presidential candidate

Dr. Muizzu being congratulated for winning the secret vote held by PNC to determine a presidential candidate from the party | Photo: Nishaan Ali, Mihaaru

MALDIVES – Malé City mayor, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has been voted as the presidential candidate of People’s National Congress (PNC) to run in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2023.

Dr. Muizzu was voted by PNC to be the part’s presidential candidate following a secret vote held on Thursday evening. Muizzu won the party ticket by 25 votes, while he was opposed by MP Adam Shareef of Maduvvari constituency, who received 23 votes. The vote was participated by 48 members.

PNC, which runs in coalition with Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), decided to put forward a candidate after former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom was rejected by the Elections Commission as a potential candidate to run in the presidential elections.

However, it has been reported that Dr. Muizzu’s candidacy is a backup plan for the PPM-PNC coalition, while they appeal the Election Commission’s decision at the Supreme Court to reject Yameen. The first hearing of case will be held at the Supreme Court today at 3 p.m.

PNC President Abdul Raheem Abdulla said that if Yameen’s candidacy is confirmed by the Supreme Court, PNC will take back their presidential nomination.

It is also noteworthy that until now, Dr. Muizzu was a member of the PPM leadership, and only joined PNC to run for the elections.

The last day to submit applications to run in the 2023 Presidential Elections of Maldives is this coming Saturday.