Nazim steps down as adviser to Qasim

MP Colonel Retired Mohamed Nazim | Photo: File

Mohamed Nazim, MP of Dhaandhoo constituency, who has also been working as the adviser to the Jumhooree Party leader, Qasim Ibrahim has stepped down from his position as adviser.

Nazim, who contested for the parliamentary seat on a JP ticket, was made adviser to Qasim after he joined the party upon his release from jail. However, he expressed his disapproval of how the party is being run, shortly after.

It has been noticed that Nazim does not take part in any of the meetings with regards to members of PPM and those who worked in high ranking positions in the previous government joining the party. No parliamentary member, nor any ministers of JP take part in meetings of this nature as well.

With Nazim stepping down, the position has now been assigned to the MP of Vilufushi constituency, Riyaz Rasheed.