MP Nazim to form political party with other MPs

MP for Dhangathi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim. | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Former Defence Minister and MP of Dhangethi Constituency has currently received 3,000 signatures to form a political party along with other members of the parliament.

MP Nazim who is currently a member of Jumhooree Party, is proceeding towards a new political party along with 4 other members of the parliament. This includes MP of Kinbidhoo Constituency Abdullah Riyaz and 3 other independent memebers of the parliament.

There are currently 5 independent members in the parliament. That includes MP of Villimalé Constituency, MP of Nolhivaram Constituency, MP of Thulusdhoo Constituency, MP of Nilandhoo Constituency and MP of Villingili Constituency.

If MP Nazim’s party becomes a reality, it will become the party with the 3rd highest majority in the parliament. The supermajority of the parliament is MDP with 65 members and PPM/PNV coalition comes second with 9 members.

There are currently 10 political parties in Maldives with Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s MRM being the latest. MP Nazim’s political party will become the 11th party in Maldives. Additional information regarding the party is expected to be revealed this month.