JP Parliament members won’t join Nazim’s party: JP’s Vice President

Vice President of the Political Jumhooree Party (JP), Ahmed Saud. | Photo: V News

Malé, Maldives – Vice President of the Political Jumhooree Party (JP), Ahmed Saud stated last night that none of their Parliament members will join the newly formed political party of Former Defence Minister and MP of Dhangethi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim.

Two leading members who recently left JP, MP Nazim and MP for Thimarafushi Constituency and Abdullah Riyaz have been proceeding towards a new political party along with three other parliamentarians.

When Saud was asked whether additional JP members may leave the party to join MP Nazim’s new party during a program broadcasted by local channel “SanguTV”, he stated that since the new party was created in secrecy while the MP Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz were still in JP, it was likely that some JP members may follow them.

However, Saud stated that MP Nazim cannot take a large group of members from JP and guaranteed that especially the JP Parliament members will not join the new political party of MP Nazim.

Saud noted that it is not an issue for two members from their council of 70 members to leave JP as it would make no difference in the party. In fact, Saud stated that they have begun work to add more members and added that there are already numerous people lined up to join the party.

There will always be people to join and leave, yet Jumhooree Party has been staying stable since 2008. There are people who trust us in Maldives.

Vice President of the JP, Ahmed Saud

Once MP Nazim’s party is registered, they will have the third-highest majority in the parliament. The supermajority of the parliament is Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) with 65 members and the Progressive Party of Maldives and Peoples National Congress (PNC) PPM/PNV coalition comes second with nine members.

There are currently 10 political parties in Maldives with Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s MRM being the latest. MP Nazim’s political party will become the 11th party in Maldives. Additional information regarding the party is expected to be revealed this month.