Dr. Afraasheem’s family refuses to accept the report by Presidential Commission

The family of former MP of Ungooraafu council, Dr. Afraasheem Ali who was found murdered, have refused to accept the report prepared by the Presidential Commission on Unresolved Murders and Enforced Disappearances.

According to the report, he was murdered by people who had conflicting Islamic views with him and there is no evidence linking his murder to any political gain.

Speaking to local media, the late MP’s brother, Abdul Nasir Ali revealed that the family will not accept the report prepared by the commission and that the family still believes that his murder was politically motivated.

He further added that although the commission may be an independent one by constitution, it is a political commission by operation and that they do not expect to find the truth behind his death in this life. He said that the work done by the commission is useless and that they do not wish harm upon someone unjustly due to it.

Afraasheem was murdered on 30 September 2013 on the stairwell of his residence, H. Funviluge, at approximately 1:30 am.

So far, two have been tried for the murder of Afrasheem, but only Hussain Humaam has been convicted.