Aslam accuses foul play in emergency Majilis session

MDP Parliamentary Group Leader MP Mohammed Aslam. | Photo: Majlis

MDP Parliamentary Group leader MP Mohamed Aslam has accused Speaker has scheduled an emergency session with the sole purpose of denying MDP members to attend.

All Majilis sessions for this quarter has ended and members has gone to holiday. However, MDP is requesting to hold an emergency meeting to allocate committees according to the rules. Yesterday evening this session was scheduled for today morning.

Aslam said this was done to prevent MDP members from attending and participating as most MDP members has gone to islands for campaign or holiday abroad with family. However, when the session started there were enough members from MDP, failing the suspected plan. Therefore, the session was ended shortly saying two MDP members has resigned from the party, which would disrupt party representation in committees.

However, this information was passed to the parliament days ago, so, there should not be any discrepancies regarding the matter, Aslam said. The only reason for terminating the session early was having enough MDP members in the chamber and this was unlawful and unprofessional, he added.

Aslam said Speaker Nasheed is running Majilis unlawfully, only to delay his removal from the seat. If Majilis was being run according to the rules, there will not be any issues to conduct sessions. If Majilis is not being run according to the rules, MDP will even go to the Supreme Court to find a solution, but that would be only the last resort, according to Aslam.