Eight arrested over violence in Rathafandhoo

Eight people have been arrested in relation to violence in Rathafandhoo following two different fights.

Police revealed that the first fight took place on November 24th, where 4 individuals were reportedly injured, while the second fight took place the following day where one individual was injured.

Following the violence in the island, police have reportedly arrested two 20 year olds, a 21 year old, a 23 year old and two 24 year olds, along with a 26 and 27 year old suspects.

The court has since released 4 individuals on set conditions while the 20 and 24 year old have been detained for 7 days. In addition, the 23 year old has been detained for 6 days while the other 20 year old got 5 days.

It has been reported that both fights are connected and that police are now investigating the matter.