Covid-19: Maldives reports 2 recoveries in the country

Maldives has reported 2 out of the 13 patients who became positive for the new disease caused by the coronavirus, Covid-19 has completely recovered.

This was revealed in a press conference held on Friday evening, where the Minister of Health of Maldives, Abdullah Ameen revealed that 2 Italian native patients who tested positive while holidaying Sandies Bathala Resort have made a full recovery, drawing double negatives on the tests to determine recovery.

The minister further mentioned that both patients were taken care of at Dharumavantha Hospital in Male’ and that although they have recovered, authorities would be monitoring the health of both patients closely.

While revealing that authorities remain hopeful about the recovery of the remaining patients, he urged the public to remain calm and follow the instructions issued by concerned bodies at all time. He reiterated that efforts to battle the virus are in coordination with international authorities and that all would be done to ensure the country’s safety from the virus.

With the recovery of these patients, a total of 11 patients are still in recovery, out of which, one is in  Dharumavantha Hospital. Apart from this, 207 people are in quarantine and 15 are in isolation.