Lotus Fihaara donates hand wash to all mosques in Addu

Lotus Fihaara, a reputable wholesale enterprise of Maldives has donated hand wash bottles to all mosques of Addu City.

In a Facebook post published by Parliament Member of Feydhoo constituency, Mohamed Nihad thanked Lotus Fihaara for the donation in the name of Addu citizens and stated that all donations have been shipped to Addu via “Aagala Queen” boat.

While the fast spreading coronavirus has been found even in the Maldives, experts are urging everyone to wash their hands as frequently as possible.

While many outlets have increased the prices of products with the current Covid-19 situation, Lotus Fihaara has maintained that as long as the cost of the prices do not increase, no product of Lotus Firaaha would increase in price.

Furthermore, the the business has also revealed that all “Antabax” products imported by the company will not be sold wholesale, but in fact, individually to the public, as an effort to make the product more accessible to the public.