Jabir offers jobs to staff laid off from other resorts

Parliament Member of Kaashidhoo constituency and business tycoon Abdullah Jabir has invited staff laid off from other resorts due to the coronavirus to come and join his company.

In a tweet sent out by Jabir, he said that he supports the advice of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih which recommended resorts to not fire staff amidst the economic crisis the country is facing due the country’s tourism being disrupted as a result of the pandemic, coronavirus.

While highlighting that it is inhumane to sack employees during such tough times, he invited any employee fired from other resorts during this situation to come and work for him.

He went on to say that salaries would be situation appropriate and that no staff would be left in limbo. He also said that he would help anyone who needs it and that the only way out of this situation is by becoming a united front.

This comes amidst the announcement of Tourism Employees Association revealing the termination of  11,000 resort employees all across the country.

The Labour Relations Authority (LRA) addressed the matter saying that a lot of complaints have been filed to the authority regarding wrong full termination, being sent on no pay leaves and salary cuts amidst the economic crisis resulting from Covid-19.

It also said that after looking in to some of the cases, it has been discovered that many terminations have been found to be unlawful.