Positive cases increases as Delhi eases restrictions

Delhi, India – As India eased a nation wide Covid-19 lock down, more positive cases have started to rise from the capital city of India, New Delhi.

While the Defense ministry of the country based in New Delhi – home to 16 million – has been closed, sources have confirmed a senior finance ministry official and the government’s top spokesman have been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus.

As the virus spreads rapidly in the country, the government has been acquiring hotels and community centers to use as wards for the Covid-19 patients that will be in need of care. Despite this, the death toll of India has been constantly rising.

Doctors foresee the number of cases increasing in the upcoming weeks of Delhi. There is a high chance of having 550،000 confirmed cases by the end of July, stated the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia.

“In these big cities there is at least some infrastructure and you are seeing some data. We will never get accurate data for the rest of the country” a general physician and president of the Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum said. He has also stated that it will be difficult to assume the danger that lies ahead for the country.

Bhatti disclosed that neither the government nor the central or state had meaningfully ramped up testing or boosted medical infrastructures.

At present, Only 10% of the infected people are being tested for the virus – those who are most severely infected and hospitalized, Bhatti stated.

While more than 287,000 cases were confirmed for the virus in India, 8,376 have passed away. The total amount of recovered cases are 135,206.