Indian Covid crisis: Delhi officials searching for cremating areas

Covid cases and deaths increases in India, with space running out for cremations | Photo: Reuters

New Delhi, India – As Covid related deaths increasing in India, New Delhi, the country’s capital is searching for spaces to cremate the bodies.

With more people dying of Covid each day, officials have voiced out concerns needing more crematoriums, especially in Delhi.

Authorities reported that there were additional 3,500 death on Friday. 400 deaths were from the capital, a record for a single day. India saw another 386,452 positive cases yesterday, another record for most positive cases in a single day.

For the past week, every day India’s Covid cases have hit more than 300,000. More than 18 million people has now been infected with the virus in the world’s second largest population.

Government of India continues to reassure the public that they are doing everything they can, with little results to see for the world. However, neighboring countries along with the rest of the world continues to aid India at this crucial time of need.

US Government has announced that on Friday, their first shipment of medical equipment has arrived on India. USA sent more than $100m worth of medical equipment, according to the White House.

However, thousands of citizens are unable to get hospital beds and enough oxygen due to the sudden surge of cases. Videos and photos that have gone viral shows disturbing images of people dead and collapsing on the roads of India.