Covid-19: Additional 10 confirmed cases and 24 recoveries in Maldives.

Photo: Raaje mv

Male’, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) disclosed that additional 10 cases have been confirmed positive for Covid-19 in Maldives.

HPA disclosed that as of 6 pm of June 14, additional 10 cases of Covid-19 infections were confirmed in Maldives. They are of 02 Bangladeshi nationals and 02 of Nepali nationality and one of Maldivian nationality.

Including these 10 cases, the confirmed number of cases in Maldives has now increased to 2,013. Among the confirmed cases, currently there are 786 active cases in Maldives.

Furthermore, the latest updates of HPA shows that 24 more people have recovered from the virus. Including these 24 cases, the total number of recovery cases in Maldives is now at 1,217.

The government disclosed that they would be easing the lock down starting from June 15, as the number of recovered cases in Maldives are more than the number of confirmed cases.

Although the most number of confirmed cases in Maldives are of immigrant workers living in Maldives, the majority of the recovery cases consist of Maldivian nationals.

Up to date, 8 people have passed away from Maldives due to the virus.