India to use railway carriages as Covid-19 wards

Photo: Reuters

New Delhi, India – India will be using railway carriages as wards to treat patients with Covid-19.

This comes as Delhi has seen a huge spike in Covid-19 cases as the country moves toward easing lockdown measures. Due to this, the country has decided to convert 500 railway carriages to wards, creating some 8,000 beds to treat patients infected with Covid-19 in Delhi.

The country started converting railway carriages to wards across the country some time around April as railway movement came to a halt with the implementation of the lockdown.

Apart from the carriages, 40 hotels and 77 banquets, along with nursing homes will also be utilized by the government to cater to the increasing number of Covid-19 patients in the city.

The plans of the government were announced by the Home Minister of the country, Amrit Shah, who also stated that testing capacity would be increased in the city.

With about 12,000 new cases on the daily, India stands 4th behind America, Brazil and Russia, for having the most number of Covid-19 cases in the world.