COVID-19: Parliament employee tests positive, building on monitoring status

Male’, Maldives – An employee of working in the Parliament of the Maldives has tested positive for Covid-19, resulting in the entire building to be placed on monitoring status.

The employee is said to be from the administrative department of the Parliament and contact tracing is underway.

National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) Spokesperson Mabrouq Azeez has confirmed the incident and revealed that decontamination of the building is being carried out. He stated that the building would be reopened once both contact tracing and decontamination processes are concluded.

This comes as Parliament has reconvened meetings in the chambers even prior to the current ease of lockdown measures were initiated in Male’ region.

Although Health Protection Agency (HPA) approved the reconvening of meetings in the chambers under strict physical distancing and preventive measures, the decision was initially made without the approval of the Agency.

Although there were set guidelines to be followed within the chambers, violation of the regulations were live broadcasted on national television such as improper donning of masks and the assault on a fellow parliamentarian which saw many MPs gather around in close proximity.