Covid-19 case identified, Lh. Atoll hospital closed

Lh. Atoll Hospital | Photo: Sun

Naifaru, Maldives – Lh. Atoll hospital is closed for contact tracing due to one employee of the hospital tested positive for Covid-19.

Local news “Sun” reports that the Hospital Manager Jaufaru Abdulla has confirmed this information, and the hospital is closed for contact tracing.

Lh. Naifaru has been placed under monitoring after the 01 case of Covid-19 was recorded as well.

Lh. Atoll Hospital reports that the Covid-19 positive individual recently travelled to R. Ungoofaaru and was identified in through random sample testing of individuals who travelled to Ungoofaaru.

Ungoofaaru was placed under monitoring by Health Protection Agency (HPA) on 20 March 2021, and individuals who travelled to Ungoofaaru since 1 March were to observe quarantine. The island council informs that contact tracing is underway in Naifaru.

20 individuals have been traced thus far as direct contact and 60 are in quarantine after travelling to R. Ungoofaaru.

The Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) had earlier noted that for the first time, the number of active Covid-19 cases has increased by 200 in the atolls of Maldives since the virus outbreak took place in Maldives.

At present, there are over 200 active Covid-19 cases among the atolls of Maldives and nine islands are under monitoring status due to the active cases.