First Covid-19 case found in GA. Maamendhoo

GA. Maamendhoo | Photo: Ahmed

Maamendhoo, Gaafu Alif Atoll – The first ever case of Covid-19 has been recorded in Gaafu Alif atoll, in the island of Maamendhoo yesterday.

The patient was a 28 year old male who traveled to the island from Male’ on the 13th of June. His sample was taken on Tuesday upon becoming symptomatic during his home quarantine period.

Authorities are carrying out the necessary procedures following the incident.

While this is the first time a Covid-19 case has been found in the atoll, 65 year old female had tested positive for Covid-19 in Addu City previously as well. The individual was also in quarantine when she tested positive. However, she was in a quarantine facility at the time.

This was the first positive case of Covid-19 in Addu City and in the southern region of the Maldives.