59% of L. Fonadhoo’s road construction completed

Photo: MTCC

L. Fonadhoo, Maldives  – MTCC has announced that the construction and development of roads in L. Fonadhoo is  well underway, with 59% project progress.

Under this project, 27,848 square metre area of asphalt will be laid along 12 roads. That is a total length of 3.5 kilometre.

MTCC informed that currently they are carrying out with removing the surfaces of the existing roads and sub-grading works are along with road compaction and leveling.

The project also includes the development of storm-water management system to minimize flooding damage along with construction of speed breakers and road markings.

It has already been a year since the project to construct and develop the roads of L. Fonadhoo was handed to MTCC on May 22 of 2019. The project was set on action on 26th June of 2019. They were given a time limit of 390 days to completely finish the construction work.

Fonadhoo is the capital island in Laamu atoll of Maldives, 258.97 kilometres away from Male’ city, with a population of around 2000 in 2013. The island has three villages; Barasil, Medhuavah and Kurigam.