Resident in quarantine dies of heart attack

Thulhaadhoo, Maldives — a resident who went from Malé to B. Thulhaadhoo dies of heart attack in quarantine.

The manager of the Hospital of Thulhaadhoo, Maheenooz Aboobakuru told local media that around 15:30 of 18 July, a 59 year old passed away from the island.

Maheenooz also mentioned that the person had been in quarantine since he returned from Malé to Thulhaadhoo on 8th of July.

He further said that the person that had passed away due to the heart attack and had no symptoms of Covid-19 so it is not considered as a Covid-19 related death.

“We checked earlier today as well, he did not have any symptoms for Covid-19,” Mahheenooz stated.

He also stated that the person was in good health when they checked today as well.

However, the results later showed that the individual was positive for Covid-19.