Japan to grant 6 scholarships to Maldivian students every year

Male, Maldives – The Japanese government has decided to grant six scholarships to Maldivian students on an annual basis and has signed an agreement with the Maldives regarding the matter.

It was announced today that the scholarships are being granted by Japan as part of a Human Resource Development programme initiated by the country.

On behalf of Maldives, the agreement was signed by Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid and on behalf of Japan, Japanese Ambassador to the Maldives, Kaiko Yanai. Under this agreement, the government of Japan will provide six scholarships to Maldivian students every year, for a period of four years.

Japan has always been in the forefront in providing assistance to the Maldives in environment, social and educational related aspects, apart from the continuous support being provided by Japan during the on going Covid-19 pandemic.