No confidence vote against Shifa scheduled for today

Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – The no confidence vote against Mayor of Male’ City Council, Shifa Mohamed has been scheduled for today.

The no confidence vote was brought to the table by representative of North Maafannu constituency to the council, Mohamed Fazeen, which was supported by eight other members of the council. Shifa was given a period of ten days to be answerable to the claims agains her, after which, the no confidence vote was scheduled for 15:00 of Friday.

A total of 39 claims have been made against Shifa, including negligence in carrying out her duties as mayor, and violating laws and regulations put in place, while carrying out her work – all which have been denied by Shifa.

Shifa tweeted on Thursday, addressing the matter, saying that she has not done any work in fulfilling her role as the mayor, in a way which would personally benefit her.