New beaches of Addu City, a true resemblance of community spirit

Photo: Mihaaru

Addu City, Maldives – If you visited Addu even as recent as one month back, one thing you would have noticed is that Addu doesnt have the trade mark white sandy beaches with pristine lagoons which Maldives is describes as. But if anything on a positive note, this pandemic really has done a number on the community spirit of the city, which has gotten Addu City 5 new amazing beach spots!

Elhandi Fandne Athiri

Elhandi Fandne Athiri now | Photo: Elhandi Fandne Facebook page

Elhandi Fandne Athiri is located in the district of Maradhoo, towards the ocean side. The beach boasts two sets of swings with three swings each, which are placed just at the brink of the shoreline. The clear lagoon, along with the soft, white sandy beach would make anyone want to stay there for hours at end.

Elhandi Fandne Athiri (beach) before | Photo: Elhandi Fandne Facebook page

The beach was made by the hard work and contribution of the locals who worked hard to clean up the area, make the swings and set everything up. The contrast of the before and after would shock anyone, the glow up being absolutely phenomenal!

Thirifalhaan’di Athiri

Thirifalhaan’di Athiri now | Photo: Thirifalhaan’di Facebook page

Another beach located in Maradhoo, is another example of what good team work can really do. Also facing the ocean side, the beach also has a set of swings with pristine waters good for a nice snorkeling session. The greenery  on the coast not only offers a breath of fresh air, but also the perfect amount of shade for someone who just wants to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

Tree House at Thirifalhaan’di Athiri | Photo: Thirifalhaan’di Athiri Facebook page

This beach was also a restoration project which saw the investment of a lot of time, effort as well as donations from generous neighbors to convert the beach from its previous state to the beauty it is now.

Raavalhi Athiri

Raavalhi Athiri | Photo: Raavalhi Athiri Facebook page

Raavalhi Athiri, located on the ocean side of Maradhoo Feydhoo was opened about four days back with a set of swings and sea slide open for the entire public. The is also equipped with joali (Maldivian style benches) for people to come and relax. We’ve attached a picture of the beach, since words don’t do justice to the beauty of mother nature. Truly spectacular!

Raavalhi beach, like all the beaches above, was also made by the joint effort of the locals who took it upon themselves to create an environment for everyone to enjoy.

Magudhhoo Athiri and the new swimming track

Magudhhoo Athiri | Photo: Feydhoo Malamathi

Moving on, Feydhoo has made use of a beautiful channel created as a result of land reclamation, into a long, beautiful beach facing two uninhabited islands, Savaahili and Hajara. The channel is shallow enough for people to walk or even swim their way to the two islands, making a trip to this beach, a field day for any one who enjoys nature.


The people of Addu, have also put in their work to finally assemble the swimming track near the Gan bridge, allowing the floating platform to be used by those who wish to track their swimming distance.

All these beaches and swimming spots are truly the work of strong collaboration and community spirit among the people of Addu, which has created something so beautiful out of this pandemic. The potential of Addu is so much.