Media to join forces to increase awareness of Covid-19 in public

Photo: Social Media

Male, Maldives – The media industry, inclusive of broadcast, radio and online along with new media have decided to join hands in delivering content to the public to increase awareness regarding Covid-19 amongst the general public.

According to the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), the decision has been made after identifying key areas of collaboration, which may result in a better situation with regards to Covid-19 in the country.

With this, all media are expected to broaden the news published or broadcasted regarding the pandemic, along with combining efforts in sending out similar messages to the public.

A special meeting was held with members of HEOC and media personnel, to discuss the future of the collaboration. In order to have a more streamlined result, a steering committee has been formed which will plan and organize the work to be done.

This comes as Maldives records exceedingly high numbers of Covid-19 cases in the country, topping 7,000 cases at present time, with a daily average above 100.