STO builds a 19 bed set up in Thaajuddin School

Photo: Image clip of video by STO

Male, Maldives – State Trading Organization (STO) has announced that it has begun building a 19-bed setup in Thaajuddin School with facilities filling up, as number of cases are increasing on the daily.

STO said the 19-bed setup is being built to increase the capacity of the health system in the country, in treating Covid-19 patients.

This comes as Maldives records more than 100 new infections on average, per day, with many requiring hospitalization. Currently there are 1,434 people in the isolation facilities of Maldives and 180 people are hospitalized due to the virus.

Maldives now has a total of 7,329 confirmed Covid-19 cases, likely to exceed 8,000 in a matter of few days if numbers continue to rise at the same rate as now. Currently among these cases, there are 2,610 active cases present in the Maldives.

Up to date, 28 have passed away from Covid-19 in Maldives. The deceased are 22 elderly Maldivian nationals, 5 Bangladeshi nationals and a Filipino national.