Yasrif resigns from Hithadhoo Councilor position

Deputy Mayor of Addu City, Mohamed Yasrif | Photo: Addu City Council

Addu City, Maldives – Hithadhoo south constituency council member Mohamed Yasrif has resigned from his position.

In an internal circular sent out to the staffs of the council by Human Resource Department of the Addu City Council stated that as of February 8, 2021, the former Deputy Mayor, Mohamed Yasrif had resigned from his position as the councillor of Hithadhoo south constituency.

Yasrif had resigned from his position as a Deputy Mayor of Addu City on February 1st, 2021. Local media sources have reported that Yasrif resigned from his position to take on the role of Director of Development Service Division of the council. Civil Service laws state that posts can only be taken after resigning from an individuals current position if that person is holding a public office seat.

Mohamed Yasrif was first elected to Addu City Council in 2015 and reelected in 2017. He was elected by council members as the deputy mayor of Addu City in 2017 following his reelection. While Yasrif ran to extend his term in office in the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) primary elections, he was not elected.