Covid-19 patient traveling to medical facility denied entry to Villingili, returned back to Thinadhoo

Photo: Social Media

GA. Villingili, Maldives – A patient who was on the way to being transferred to the Covid-19 medical facility in GA. Villingili, after testing positive for Covid-19 in Gdh. Thinadhoo, has been forced to return back to Thinadhoo.

The individual was denied entry to the island, as locals of the island protested to not allow the person to be brought to the island. Due to this, the patient had to remain in the sea ambulance for hours, before finally being transported back to Thinadhoo.

Police, who revealed that they were actively trying to manage the situation in the island, were faced with criticism from the MP of Madaveli constituency, for not arresting the protestors who caused a patient to be denied medical care. The MP also called for the immediate relocation of the Covid-19 medical facility to another island.

The people of Thinadhoo also took to social media to express their dissatisfaction regarding the matter.