More Police Academy workers to arrive in Addu today

Photo: Google

Addu City, Maldives – Addu International Airport (AIA) has revealed that a chartered flight is scheduled to arrive in Addu City on Monday, with laborers who will be working at the National Police Academy based in the city.

It was announced that the chartered Spice Jet flight will land at Gan International Airport sometime in the afternoon, bringing 165 laborers. Commenting on the matter, an official of the Indian Embassy revealed that the workers are being brought to speed up the work being done at the Academy and that these workers are trained in floor work, electrical and plumbing work.

Further, the Embassy reassured that all workers will be quarantined for a period of 14 days as mandated by Health Protection Agency (HPA), and that they will be quarantined at the Dhoogas facility in Gan.

The “National College for Police and Law Enforcement Studies” being developed with the aid of India is scheduled to be handed over to the Maldivian government by December 2020. This project, which was signed on 26th September 2012, by former Vice President and Home Minister Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed during his time as minister.

The total cost of the project stands at MVR 508 million, which is the biggest aid project taking place in the Maldives, by India.