Presidency is not a target, says former President Nasheed

Speaker and former President, Mohamed Nasheed Photo: People's Majlis

Becoming the President of Maldives is not in the desired lists, says former president and the current Speaker of the Parliament, MDP’s Mohamed Nasheed.

Nasheed, who is heavily criticized for his “unwanted” involvement in matters out of his jurisdiction said in his party’s column that he is fully committed to supporting President Solih’s administration. And becoming the President is not in his interests anymore.

He added that criticizing the President’s cabinet ministers is not easy. But he does that for the common interest of the citizens. However, that should not be mistaken for his desire to become President once again, Nasheed said.

President Nasheed has advised economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail to resign after failing an attempt to remove him from the cabinet through the parliament. Nasheed accused his own party minister and one of the most trusted Ministers of the President of corruption.

Fayyaz has denied all the allegations and hit back at Nasheed by informing he refuses to resign and has not done one thing wrong.