MVR 44 million given out as allowance for Police and MNDF

Frontline workers during a drill held at reclaimed suburb Hulhumalé | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Finance ministry has stated that MVR 44 million has been given out as frontline allowance for Police and MNDF officers who worked on the front line.

Finance Ministry stated yesterday, that MVR 44.5 million was given to 6518 officers from MNDF and Maldives Police Service as allowance for frontline workers.

In a past news conference, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer stated that this allowance will be given to frontline workers classified into three categories of which the first category includes high risk frontline workers.

The high risk category includes people who may come im close contact to people tested positive for Covid-19 or that are suspected to be at high risk of having the disease which includes doctors, nurses, people collecting samples, lab technicians, people involved in transportation of people that are tested positive for Covid-19, people entering wards with positive patients and those working in travel clinics: said Minister Ameer. It has also been decided to give MVR 500 for each day people in this category report to work.

The second category includes medium risk people; people who are not coming into direct with people having the disease but work with High risk category people. These people would be receiving MVR 250 for each day they report to work.

The third category is low risk people. These people are those who do not belong to either of of the above mentioned categories but work at NEOC for 6 hours a day. Minister said that these people would be receiving MVR 200 per day.