Sheikh Rushdhee retires from Education sector

Addu High School principal presenting Sheikh Rushdhee with a special gift - Ali Shauzoon, Addu High School

Addu city, Maldives- Long term educator and mentor for generations of students in Addu City, Sheikh Rushdee has decided to step back from the education sector, as he retired on Thursday.

Addu High School, where he has served as a leading teacher until his retirement, held a special ceremony on Thursday, in honour of him, in which he was presented with a token of appreciation by the Principal of the school, Ibrahim Nadheem on behalf the entire establishment.

Prior to his service at Addu High School, he had also worked as a supervisor at the then Islamiyya, which is now Addu High School, as well as in Muhibbuddin School, which has now been renamed as Sharafuddin School.

Many of his current and former students have taken to social media to honor his service and impact his time as an educator has made in their lives.