Maumoon didn’t order 2003 jail shootings: Brigadier (Rtd) Didi

Brigadier (Rtd) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi | Photo: Google

Male’, Maldives – Referring to the 2003 jail shootings in Maafushi, Brigadier (Rtd) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi has revealed that former President of Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom did not order the shooting.

This comes as many supporters of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have taken to social media to criticize Maumoon, as the day marks 17 years since the shooting which saw the torture and murder of inmate Evan Naseem and several others.

In this regard, MP of Feydhoo constituency Mohamed Nihad took to twitter saying that the shootings took place at the order of Commander in Chief (President Maumoon), who still remains free and happy while those who executed the shootings have been put behind bars for life.

Referring to Nihad’s tweet, Didi said that this is a blatant lie and making such a claim while being a sitting member of the Parliament is unacceptable. He added that by coincidence, he was the duty officer at NSS that day and that Maumoon did not order for the use of lethal weapons.

With this, many have asked Didi to reveal who actually ordered the shooting, to which Didi replied saying that the matter has been investigated that the the statements are at the Prosecutor General’s Office. He also stated that the perpetrators have been brought to justice.

“I am not going to discuss this further on Twitter. President Maumoon did not order the shootings.” Didi said.

Maumoon has since thanked Didi for clarifying the truth.

Evan Naseem was tortured to death in Maafushi jail on 19th September, 2003, which was followed with the shootings which took place on 20th September. Both incidents were the beginning of the revolution against Maumoon’s regime.