Tourism Ministry advertises Ihavandhippolhu for investment

The initial master plan for the development of Ihavandhippolhu, Photo: Corporate Maldives

Ihavandhippolhu, Maldives – The Tourism Ministry has started advertising an investment opportunity for a island in Ivanadhippolhu Atoll.

Tourism Ministry said in an advertisement released to social media, on Tuesday, that the investment opportunity is  a long waited and an exciting opportunity. In the short video clip tweeted by the Ministry it mentioned  that further details would be announced on the fourth of October.

This video clip showcasing an aerial view of the natural beauty of Ihavandhippolhu Atoll, then talked about the ease of travel to Ihavandhippolhu from Hanimaadhoo airport and the close proximity of Hoarafushi, both islands which are located in this Atoll.

Even though the government is currently advertising the area to find investors for the Ihavandhippolhu development, they have previously started to look for investors to invest in transshipment port that is to be built in that area.

It was decided during the presidency of Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom to develop Ihavandhippolhu in the name of “iHavan” along with a transshipment port, airport, resorts and business resources. The work for this development had started as well but was stopped due to lack of Investors.

The first discussions about a “Thiladhunmathi” transshipment port was during the final days of the presidency of Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. But his presidency also ended without any results.

A northern transshipment port was one of the pledges that was most emphasized during President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s presidency campaign.