Covid-19: Kulhudhuffushi removed from monitoring status

Kulhudhuffushi | Photo: PSM

Kulhudhuffushi, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has removed Kulhudhuffushi City from monitoring status, not long after the island was placed on lockdown after a police officer from the city tested positive for Covid-19.

Earlier today, all close contacts of the officer who tested positive for the virus were isolated and tested, along with additional people in the police station. Further, the entire stations was disinfected along with all police gear used in the facility.

However, it is believed that HPA removed the island from monitoring status – during which time all travel to and from the island was banned – there the risk of further spreading the virus has been contained for now. The notice by HPA read that there is no reason to extend the duration of monitoring of the island any further.

According to the latest statistics by authorities, there are currently eight active cases of Covid-19 in the island, including this case.

As per the latest numbers published by HPA, there are a total of 122 cases of Covid-19 across 20 different islands across the Maldives. While the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the country is at 10,567, so far, 34 lives have been claimed by the virus.