International cargo shipping starting to Addu and Huvadhoo

A cargo boat docked at Hithadhoo Port in Addu City | Photo: Hithadhoo Ports Limited

Male’, Maldives – Presidents Office has announced that the government has made the necessary arrangements for cargo ships to operate directly from India to Addu City and Huvadhoo atoll.

These trips would be arranged from Tuticorin port of India to Hithadhoo Port in Addu City and to GDh. Thinadhoo island. The government expects that this would boost the economic activities of both atolls as small and medium businesses would be able to bring in cargo at cheaper prices.

The government also stated that this would help to increase the land value of the areas near to the Hithadhoo Ports and Thinadhoo harbor area and that this would help to increase warehousing by which more job opportunities would be created.

This comes after the Cochin – Kulhudhuffushi – Male’ cargo ferry operations started this month with the first ship which arrived at Kulhudhuffushi last Saturday with 500 tonnes of cargo. This 3,000 metric tonne ship will be operating a continuous route between Cochin – Kulhudhuffushi – Male’ with 2-3 trips per month.