Coalition Ministers need to adopt MDP’s mindset

Member of Makunudhoo constituency, Mohamed Rai | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Ministers of the coalition government need to adopt the mindset of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), says MP of Makunudhoo constituency, Mohamed Rai.

MP Rai’s comments came following the statement made by the Parliamentary Group leader of MDP and the MP of Mid Henveiru constituency Ali Azim, who said that the decision on whether MDP would face the next Presidential elections with or without the coalition members need to be made soon. Azim also said that areas of the government which are handled by parties other than MDP are only being done for namesake.

Azim’s comments were made in the latest edition of MDP’s newsletter, where he also said that although the government is claimed to be a coalition administration, the people only believe that this is an MDP government. Taking an example, he said that when an institution of the government does something wrong, it is not the individual party that gets called out, but the ruling party, which is MDP.

Naming the ministers who do not represent MDP, Azim questioned whether they have any reason to show that MDP is one which carries out the tasks promised to the public.

In this regard, Rai said that it is important to make the decision soon, and that if the cabinet ministers want to work with MDP and implement the party’s manifesto sincerely, they need to adopt the mindset of the party as well.

The coalition government consists of members from Maumoon Reform Movement (MRM), Adhaalat Party and Jumhoory Party (JP)