Supreme Court roof won’t be ripped off because of a verdict now: MP Siraj

Moosa Siraaj | photo: Majilis

Male’, Maldives – MP of Fonadhoo constituency Moosa Siraaj said that the Supreme Court roof would not be ripped off now, however the verdict may be.

Siraaj said this regarding the Supreme Court declaring the freezing of former President Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom’s account as unlawful. Speaking on a programme of Raajje tv, Siraaj said that the courts will not pass verdicts as the government pleases and that these decisions will be taken in accordance with the law.

He further said that freezing Yameen’s accounts is something that MDP members also want but they would not mock the court or rip the roof or arrest the judges when the court doesn’t rule in their favour.

“That is the thinking of former President Yaameen and the opposition. The biggest satisfaction we have now is also that. We are certain that action would not be taken on anyone against the law. Even if it is President Yaameen. His crimes would be evident if a good investigation was carried out. Big thefts, big treacheries. Everything is very evident.” said Siraaj.

Siraaj said that even though Yameen says that having MVR 100 million in his account is not something to be concerned about and that is not questionable, it not how things work in developed countries today. He further added that things such as undue enrichment is something to be questioned about.

“Having MVR 100 million in President Yaameen’s account is something that is questionable. One main reason is because he is a former President. Having this much money in the account of someone who was the president is something to be questioned about and action must be taken against it,” said Siraaj.