Feydhoo Rashikeda Beach opened for public

Feydhoo Rashikede Beach, also known as the Sun Rise Beach | Photo: Nuha

Addu City, Maldives – Feydhoo Rashikeda Beach, located just after the causeway connecting Gan and Feydhoo, has opened on Saturday, showing just how much community effort can do to make community spaces more accessible and enjoyable.

To mark the opening of the event, the organizing team of the beach, which comprises of individuals from Feydhoo of all ages, And team “Mivarun Veyshee?” organized a half day event for everyone to enjoy. The events included an evening of fun activities for kids and families, along with an opportunities for small online business owners from the island to showcase their products and services, and a night of live music by Black Pearl, with food from local business stalls.

Feydhoo Rashikede Beach, also known as the Sun Rise Beach | Photo: Nuha

The online businesses which participated in the event for the are;

  • Kalhibih Drinks
  • Sweet Bites
  • Mr. Crusty Addu
  • MiniKitchen.MV
  • BakeDelights by Nish
  • Azzlicious
  • Thiveli View
  • Cakes by Mizu
  • Dolce
  • Cake Away
  • Addu Raha
  • Yummy Eatery
  • Sweet.ish, and
  • Bliss Cone

Anyone who visited the stalls received a lucky draw coupon, which at the end of the event was drawn to reveal the lucky winner of the “Maakumbe Pack”, which was essentially a jumbo pack of food and drink options from all the stalls that participated in the event.

The organizing team also announced a photo challenge, where photos of the Rashikeda Beach are to be uploaded on social media with the hashtags, #FeydhooRashikedaAthiri and #InstaWorthyVeyheh by the end of Monday. Those who uploaded the images which received the highest number of likes are to receive special prizes. As such, the photo with the most number of likes is set to win a dinner for four from local restaurant Elly Bistro, while the second most likes gets the owner a gift pack from Majoie, a local beauty and wellness outlet. The image with the third most number of likes is also set to receive a prize, being a gift voucher from Dimity Shop.

Feydhoo Rashikede Beach, also known as the Sun Rise Beach | Photo: Nuha

The Feydhoo Rashikeda Beach, which has been the result of months of hard work by the locals paid off as the crowds swooped in and enjoyed every bit of the event and beach equipment set up in the area. Some of these included umbrella huts with chairs, a lifeguard hut, and a hut with an Un’dhoali which is a large Maldivian style swing in a hut, along with benches and garden patches.The area is also equipped with two dustbins, and cleaning equipment for anyone to come and use to clean and maintain the area.

Many locals who visited the event expressed to “Times of Addu” about how happy they felt to see the area having have become developed as such a family friendly, easily accessible area for everyone to use, while urging everyone to continue maintaining the area without littering and damaging the equipment that has been set up.

According to the organizing team, the area, which also has a floating swimming track in the sea area, has completely been developed with the assistance of generous donors and recycled equipment, and volunteers who worked for weeks on end to make the beach it stands today.