MACL looking for an insurer for Velana International Airport

Flights of various airlines seen at Velana International Airport apron | Photo: MACL

Hulhule’, Maldives – Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has announced for a proposal request for the insurance of Velana International Airport (VIA) for the upcoming year.

The managing company of the airport, MACL is looking for a party which can provide ‘All Risk & Business Interruption’ insurance, ‘Airport Aviation Liability’ insurance and ‘Terrorism’ insurance for the airport in 2021. Velana International Airport (VIA) is the largest airport in the Maldives catering up to more than four million passengers per annum.

MACL had announced that all interested parties must be registered in the bidding process through the application of the Expression of Interest before 10:15am of October 22. Those interested parties are to send in their full legal name, address and contact details to MACL through post, fax or email, and the tender documents would be shared with the registered parties at the end of the registration period.

Bids which are in compliance with the details and requirements as per the tender document are to be submitted in enceloped and submitted to the address given in the document by 10:15am of November 9 and late bids would not be accepted. The bids are to be opened in the presence of the bidders or authorized representatives who wish to attend on the same date and time as well at the MACL Corporate Office Building at VIA.