Savaahili in Addu to be developed for tourism

Savaahili is near feydhoo and maradhoofeydhoo. | Photo via Mihaaru

Addu City, Maldives — The Addu City Council has announced that a small uninhabited island in Addu City, Savaahili is to be developed for tourism.

The Council informed that they decided to develop Savaahili especially for tourism purposes on the 5th council meeting that was held on February 18th.

According to the Council, Savaahili will be developed by providing special services that tourists don’t receive from the guesthouses in Addu City. Along with this, the small island will be developed to allow not only foreign tourists, but for Maldivians to enjoy their holidays as well.

The Council has informed that they have also decided to propose this development project to the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives for approval as well.

Savaahili is a small island near the joint Feydhoo and Maradhoofeydhoo islands of Addu City. While Savaahili is naturally separated from the two islands via sea, it is currently being as a picnic spot by the residents of Addu.

The announcement from Addu Council comes after the government also announced a massive project to expand the local tourism in the southernmost area of Maldives. Under this project, the government has decided to loan out 96 lands for tourism development.