Japan invents new social distancing technology

Hitachi Japan Covid-19
Hitachi develops a projection system to promote social distancing. | Photo: NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Tokyo, Japan — One of the oldest technology companies and one the best known brands of Japan, Hitachi has invented an innovative technology that can be used to ensure social distancing.

The new method invented by Hitachi is a projection system that uses sensors to locate the people. When a person is located, the systems projects images of several fishes swimming around in a 2 diameter circle.

These fishes will help the individuals in keeping social distancing as the circle around them turns yellow when an individual crosses a projected circle of another individual. Along with this warning, the fishes circling around the circle also escape if people are in a distance closer than 2 diameters.

The new system developed by Japan will ensure that the people are adhering to social distancing rules, therefore helping to ensure that they are protected from possible infections.

With the new normal the world has faced, several other technological companies such as Mitsubishi Electric and Panasonic have also developed systems that can help people adhere to the guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The system developed by Panasonic informs people when a place is becoming too crowded. As this device will be changing the color of the lights when the place gets too crowded, it allows childrens and foreigners who don’t understand Japanese language to be aware of the situation. This allowes the individuals to take steps that is needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As people throughout the world are adjusting to the new normal, the competition between technological companies to invent such exciting new systems have increased as well.