COVID-19: Hithadhoo tests highest positive cases in Addu City

Flats constructed in Hithadhoo, Addu City | Photo: Facebook

Addu City, Maldives – The statistics released by AEH shows that 12 of the 13 positive cases recorded in Addu City are from Hithadhoo.

The only other positive case was from Maradhoo.

With the additional cases, the total number of active cases in Addu City is now 228 with two are hospitalized patients.

At present, the highest number of active cases are in Hithadhoo with 146 cases, followed by Feydhoo with 45 active Covid-19 cases, Maradhoofeydhoo has 20 cases, while Maradhoo has dropped to 14. Meedhoo holds steady with 2 cases, while Hulhudhoo has reported 1 new case.

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) informed that Hithadhoo, Maradhoo, Maradhoofeydhoo and Feydhoo have been under monitoring status for the longest period of time to date in the Maldives.

The joint islands of Addu City were placed under monitoring on 28 August 2021. Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo in Addu City place under monitoring on 4 September 2021.