Addu drug bust: High Court orders to remand a released suspect

Drug bust Addu City
During the special drug operation conducted in Addu City. | Photo: Police

Addu City, Maldives – High Court of Maldives has ordered to remand a released suspect of Addu City drug bust until the end of the investigation.

On Tuesday, High Court ordered the police to remand Rushan Ahmed Didi, who was arrested during the drug operation that took place earlier this month in the southernmost part of Maldives, Addu City.

Hithadhoo Magistrate Court had released this suspect stating that there was no sufficient evidence, but the High Court overturned the magistrate court’s order and stated that there is enough evidence to accuse the individual of the crimes.

The High Court order stated that considering the nature of the crime and the factors surrounding the case and also the amount of evidence against Rushan was sufficient enough to remand him until the investigation was over. The court also stated that Rushan being free in the society within the investigation period was dangerous to the safety of the community as well.

While the magistrate court had released a total of eight suspects after their initial remand, only five have been remanded until the end of the investigation.

One of the eight suspects that were recently released included Shamweel Gasim, famously known as a former footballer of the National team of Maldives who has taken up sports fishing after his retirement from national level football.

Maldives Police Service confiscated a total of 98.6 kilograms of narcotics including MDMA, amphetamines and heroin in the major counter-narcotics operation in Addu City. 

The drug operation in Addu City was carried out in the first week of October in collaboration with officers from the Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Drugs Intelligence Unit, Divisional Intelligence Department, Marine Police, and South Police Division to find the people who are illegally smuggling drugs into Maldives.