Most tourists brought to Maldives by Emirates

An aircraft of the Emirates fleet | Photo: Emirates

Male’, Maldives – Flag carrier of UAE, United Arab Emirates has been named the top carried of tourists into the Maldives, according to the latest statistics by the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives.

The reports showed that Emirates has transported a total of 14,987 tourists to the country between 15th July and 25th July, over the course of 178 flights. Following Emirates on the list, Qatar Airways transported 14,690 during the course of 206 flights. Aeroflot came in third on the list, having have transported 4,639 tourists over 28 flights.

Since Maldives opened up its borders on 15th July, more than 37,000 tourists have visited Maldives, as of 28th October, 2020.

So far the top contributing market to the tourist industry of the country has been Russia, accounting for 7,507 tourists so far. The UAE, USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Ukraine and Egypt are also major contributors to the increasing number of arrivals to the Maldives.

As the numbers increase, Maldives has been increasing the capacity to cater to visitors by opening up local guesthouses within the atolls as well. As per the current regulations, only pre-approved facilities are allowed to cater to tourists, as the Covid-19 precautions are still being enforced.

As for travelers, those who arrive into the country are required to register with the Maldives Immigration via the IMUGA portal, as well as present a PCR negative certificate, which was taken at most, 96 hours prior to traveling.