HRCM to take action against Police over unsanitary water

View of K.Dhoonidhoo | photo: AP

Dhoonidhoo, Maldives – Human Rights Comission of Maldives (HRCM) has decided to take action against the officers of Dhoonidhoo Police custodial, for failing to provide inmates with clean drinking water.

HRCM, a statement released on Monday, stated that during a visit from the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) of HRCM to the custodial on 20th October, a significant amount of Coliform bacteria was found in the drinking and cleaning water provided via the desalination plant of the custodial.

The statement further read that the water does not meeting the requirement standards of World Health Organization (WHO), and that Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA), Health Protection Agency (HPA), as well as other relevant authorities have also advised that the water is not acceptable to be used for drinking, bathing or any other necessary uses.

HRCM revealed that the matter was notified to the Police custodial at Dhoonidhoo, detailing that all inmates have a right to clean drinking water, and to stay healthy, which to be ensured, the water supplied to the custodial must be stopped and made other arrangements for. It further stated that the details for the necessary arrangements were requested to be submitted with HRCM within 72 hours, which if not complied, would have action taken against the custodial, under the Human Rights CommissionAct.

However, HRCM’s followup visit on 2nd November, it had been discovered that while no change has been brought to the water supply to the custodial, no proper efforts have been made to bring any change either, due to which HRCM has decided to take action against Dhoonidhoo custodial under the Human Rights Commission Act.o